Start Date End Date Title Contract no contract Amt Role of Applicant
2016 Aug 2022 Dec Construction of New Branch Canal and Canal Structures of Lamki Extension RJKIP/Lamki Extension/ICB-04/072/73 Nrs 1,795,792,488.51 Prime
2017 Jul 2023 Feb Construction of Eastern Main Canal, Link Canal, Rajkulo and Phattepur Irrigation Systems, Sikta Irrigation Project. SIP/EMC/ICB-01 Nrs 3,599,639,432.10 Prime
2018 Jan 2023 Jul Construction of Tanakpur Main Vanal & Associated Structures (Ch 18+500 to 23+300 Km) MIP-III/074-075/TMC/NCB-02 Nrs 857,223,014.52 Prime
2017 Aug 2022 Jan Construction of Embankment with Sloping & Vertical Revetment with Launching Apron WRRTW/Banke/07/073-074 Nrs 252,671,940.27 Prime
2020 May 2021 Jun Maintenance of Canal and Canal Structure of Gulariya and Malakheti Branch Canal CMIASP-AF/B III/PMIMOKAILALI/NCB-02 Nrs 68,986,731.19 Prime
2021 Dec 2023 Jul Construction of Embankment and Revetment & Studs KRMP/Triyuga/LP/077-078/NCB-04 Nrs 696,901,698.9 25
2022 Jan 2023 Jan Construction of Sloping Spurs in Saptakoshi River at Chatara (Opposite to SMIP New Intake). SMIP-01/NCB/078-79 Nrs 201,832,119.39 Prime
2010 Sep 2013 Apr Construction of Syphon, Associated Structure across the Babai River and Dhodary Link Canal BIP/ICB/01 Nrs 430,272,365.56 Prime
2015 Aug 2017 Aug Construction of Bridges, Culverts, Upgrading of Roads and Lining of Feeder Canal. MRJKIP/W/ICB-02 Nrs 1,061,796,339.5 Prime
2014 Nov 2018 Mar Construction of Canal Structures, Side Drain and Service Road Gravelling in Tanakpur Main Canal from Ch 3+000 to 8+000 MIP-III/NCB/070-71/S3 Nrs 394,219,843.69 Prime
2017 Jul 2019 Jun Construction/ Remodeling of Western Main Canal System from Ch 10+525 to 19+700 with associated structures at Dhodary, Bardiya. BIP-NCB/P34/073/74 Nrs 293,819,582.42 Prime
2018 Apr 2019 May Renovation of Existing Spur, Revetment, Launching apron from Ch- 7+150 Km to ch-9+300Km Mahakali RTW-02/2073/074 Nrs 229,705,581.72 Prime
2016 Jan 2019 Jul Construction of Jamuni Headworks, Feeder Canal and Canal Structures at Bara of Narayani Irrigation System, Bara. NIS-Brihod/NCB/01/071/72 Nrs 224,051,145.11 Prime
2014 May 2018 Jan Construction of RCC Retaining wall with Counterfort and Service Road along left bank of Mahakali river in the H/Q of Darchula. DWIP-D07-MRTP/AI/01/2070-071 Nrs 190,374,551.89 Prime
2015 Jul 2017 Jul Construction of Concrete Retaining Wall, Embankment with revetment & Related Structure (Ch:12+500 to 15+500) 01/RRTP/WIDPD7/071-72 Rangun River Training Project. Nrs 185,991,825.00 Prime
2017 Jul 2021 Jul Construction of New Canal 13.50 Km with associated canal structures, Mahamai 1-9, Ilam. MIP/IDDILAM/NCB-04/073/074 Nrs 177,930,737.27 Prime
2012 Jul 2015 Apr Extension of Main Canal from Ch. 27+385 to 30+685 Babai-01/068-69 Nrs 177,226,993.64 Prime
2015 Jan 2018 Jun Construction of Canal & Canal Structures of Badkapath Irrigation Project from Ch1+450 to Ch 4+150 BIP/MC/NCB-03(071/72) Nrs 158,064,933.90 Prime
2017 Feb 2020 Jan Construction of Headwork, Canal & Canal Structure of Chaurjahari ISP CMIASP-AF-AMIS-IDD-Rukum-NCB-01 Nrs 125,284,502.95 Prime
2016 May 2020 Jun Construction of Embankment with Revetment and Launching Apron. WRRTW/Banke/01/072-73 Nrs 137,100,710.64 Prime
2016 Jan 2017 Jul Jogbuda River Training Works. 01/JRTP/WIDPD-22/2072/73 Nrs 115,927,783.58 Prime
2015 Jan 2019 Mar Construction of Canal & Canal Structures of Badkapath Irrigation Project from Ch 0+536 to Ch 1+450 BIP/MC/NCB-02(071/72) Nrs 93,414,929.29 Prime
2012 Apr 2016 Nov Construction of Syphon and Service Road Gravelling in TMC within chainage 0+000 to 3+000. MIP-III/NCB/068/069-SI. Nrs 91,726,027.42 Prime
2017 May 2019 Apr Construction of Command Area and Structure Protection Works at Khanne Khola MIP-III/NCB/073-74/CAP-01 Nrs 75,666,289.71 Prime
2017 May 2019 Feb Construction of Command Area and Structure Protection Works at Khanne Khola MIP-III/NCB/073-74/CAP-02 Nrs 73,063,878.31 Prime
2017 Mar 2017 Sep Command Area Protection Works at Right Bank of Patharaiya River, Joshipur-5, Badhi MRJKIP/W/NCB-18.7 Nrs 71,226,395.45 Prime
2012 Jul 2014 Apr Command Area Protection Works MRJKIP/W/NCB-02/CAP Karnali, Jharahi Nrs 70,248,696.84 Prime
2016 Jan 2017 Apr Construction of Embankment, Spur from Ch 5+800 to 6+700 Km Mahakali RTW-01/072/073 Nrs 68,290,355.00 Prime
2016 May 2017 Jan Construction of Spur at Right Bank of Koshi River (U/S of Koshi Bridge at Chatara) Sunsari. SMIP/NCB/05/2072/073 Nrs 55,856,678.12 Prime
2012 Jul 2013 Oct Command Area Protection Works MRJKIP/W/NCB-03/CAP Karnali, Jagatpur Nrs 51,064,005.52 Prime
2013 Feb 2018 Feb Construction of Tanakpur Main Canal (Ch. 7+000-12+690) MIP-III/NCB/069-070/EW-II Nrs 50,988,746.01 Prime
2013 Feb 2017 May Construction of Tanakpur Main Canal (Ch. 3+000-7+000) MIP-III/NCB/069-070/EW-I Nrs 49,311,719.72 Prime
2013 Sep 2014 Nov Construction of Earthen Embankment, Revetment, Spur from Ch. 3+950 to 4+800, 15+000 to 15+250 Km. DDRT-05/069/070 Nrs 38,410,741.59 Prime
2014 Jan 2015 Dec Construction of 700m Embankment and Protection work WRRPW/B/1/070/71 Nrs 38,295,001.00 Prime
2014 Apr 2015 Jul Construction of Headworks, Canal Structures and Protection Works of Bachhela, Jadepani and Jhaule Irrigation Sub Projects, Daijee, Kanchanpur CIP/KAN/W/NCB-01 Nrs 14,350,569.94 Prime
2016 Feb 2016 Apr Canal reshaping works in the main canal of Mahakali Irrigation system MPMIMD/O&M/NCB-02 Nrs 10,288,164.10 Prime